Monday, May 7, 2012

And now...back to writing....

The past few weeks I've been heavily hacking and chopping and slicing and tearing away at design with newly launched Staying Scared dot com and the revamped Thomas Scopel dot com. Finally, I feel some sort of accomplishment and completion and can now get back to writing and it's going to feel good. Although, I'm not so sure whether I'm completely content with Staying Scared and may change the format in the future. None-the-less, at the present I'm quite burnt out on web design and am putting it down for a bit. Oh, rest assured I'll be back...just not right now...I'm toast.

I am however, very happy with my Thomas Scopel dot com site. Maybe stop by for a peek (click here). It's really not much, but it is professional and considerably different than the old design. Let me know what you think.

And, as far as Staying Scared dot com is concerned, I have a page called "Tales" and on this page I plan to post links to horror writers' websites. So, if you write horror, even faint horror and have a website, send your link and I'll post it. Maybe we can trade links.

Otherwise, what have I been up to besides working and designing?

Well, I wrote a little on my novel A Lawnly Existence (a tale about a lonely old man who inadvertantly stumbles upon an ancient book that gruesomely aids in fullfilling his deceased wife's last wish), and I took the opportunity to watch Cabin In The Woods quite a different and welcomely refreshing horror flick that may want to be viewed a couple of times in order to catch it all.

And this flick looks rather interesting too...

And I have yet to check this one out...but I will soon

And, I'll be back to reviewing flicks for Horror News dot net soon enough too. Here's a link to my previous reviews.

Stay Scared Ghouls,