Monday, November 3, 2014

The Halloween Boo Bash was a bloody slashing success

This was on the Boo Bash menu and the flies offered tiny white little flavorful juicy tidbits.
Hiya Creeps, well both Halloween and the annual Boo Bash is over and what a gruesome filled week it was. Here are some highlights...
These were my passengers for the month
The Corn hole Boards turned out well
I got out a few of my specialty utensils
The bathroom was especially gruesome
The kitchen was for butchering
Of course I canned a little too
The beer pong room was a complete zombiefest
Every gore house needs a place to hang the meat
Pumpkinhead watched over the bathroom and chatted at those who entered.
And the Ouija room worked well, especially with a tarot card reader
My first costume of the week. I had never been a witch before.
It took 3rd place
My 2nd costume. Besides clowns, wicked Jack-O-Lanterns are my thing
It came in 4th...beat by Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials
This lovely ghost is all mine
Especially now that we finally put rings on our fingers
What films did I watch?

And now this horror fiend is back to writing bloody prose...reading chilling tales...and delving into the shadows.


I'm back to my column at Horror News
And I'm writing reviews for The Movie & Music Network plenty of great "B" films here!
And I created a special place for the reviews at Staying Scared

By the way, hey filmmakers, want something reviewed?

What else did I do?

*Wrote on my book, A Lawnly Existence.
*Submitted a tale called 2084 Is A Good Year To Die to an anthology. I'll let ya know.
*Did an interview on Whispers In The Dark
*Read the new Suspense Magazine

Of course, as usual, I have more than a few books to catch up on.

And so Creepsters, Ghouls, Goblins and things that go bump in the night, here's hoping your Halloween was bloody good fun too...

Stay Scared,