Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Something creepy is on the way

My loft office is shaping up nicely
Hellllloooooo my fellow ghouls, yours truly Thomas Scopel / Wee Willie Wicked here and it’s good to be back. Well, almost back…it’s still going to be a bit before I’m fully back up and running normally, but we are getting there rather quickly now.

Where have I been for the past few months?

What have I been doing?

Well, I haven’t been writing, blogging or webcasting, that’s for sure…yuk yuk! However, I did buy a house and have been getting things organized, fixed, repaired and constructed. I’ve remodeled three bedrooms amongst painting, sawing, hammering, screwing and nailing other aspects and am nearing the end of the phase and before long should be able to get back at the blogging and writing in full force. I’m really looking forward to finishing my next book (A Lawnly Existence) here in this horror filled loft office. Chapter 15 here I come….

On Walking Dead nights and for most horror flick screenings, we all gather about to view.
Dolly is basically the host of the loft and meets you at the top of the stairs. Just don't make any quick movements and you'll be fine.
Finally! a library with every book I own in one area (except for the typical stack on the night stand that is).
For those who have inquired about the Staying Scared web show, I suspect it’ll probably be a little longer since the studio still needs to be finished and the green screen, lights, mics and cameras need setting up. But, it's on the list.
The Staying Scared webcasting studio is being constructed.
And, I've been sitting on Horror Doll House dot com for a bit now and am designing a website where I can post the construction phases of this horror dollhouse idea I have. There will be videos, tips and every aspect of the build. I have a plan...
Believe me, my version won't look anything like the box. heh heh
My cousin sent me this photo taken by TI Cranium. It's my hometown's water tower. Of course, it's truly not as creepy as the picture depicts, but this dark version has me considering a rather gruesome tale as dark as the photo.

In the meantime I’ll be updating both the staying scared website and this blog, reviewing more than a few films and discussing a rather large list that I oddly and mysteriously have been able to maintain throughout all the chaos.

So, hang in there my ghoulish fiends…Keep the doors and windows locked and ignore that noise in the shadows, for I am about to begin lurking about and have sooooo much to discuss. It won't be long now and don't say you weren't warned. Muwhahahahaha 

Stay Scared,
Thomas / Willie