Sunday, June 14, 2015

Choosing but one collectible was far too tough...and thought provoking

Recently, contacted Staying Scared and posed an interesting question…

What movie prop would I like to find on an auction block?

Although the question was in general and not genre specific, this horror writing clown is going to peer from the shadows to answer it.

Many horror fans might choose Michael’s mask or Jason’s axe or Freddy’s hand and that’s all well and good. Hell! I would love to possess one of these prized pieces myself and what horror fan wouldn’t? However, would it be something I would specifically like to find on an auction block? Maybe, but let’s delve deeper shall we?

Now, before we begin this fantasy, let’s cover some ground rules and eliminate any and all monetary aspects. Let’s simply allow the dream to flow, pretend that we managed to have the opportunity to grasp that one single piece that made our hearts flutter or bleed, your choice.

Like nearly every fan, regardless of genre, there will always be that one item on their list. I am no different and coming up with a single item was easy enough. However, the thought was so titillating that it forced a pondering of what my numbers 2 thru 5 items would be, and that’s where the contemplation grew a little tougher. After careful consideration, listed below are five movie props I would like to see and/or own.

        An authenticated wooden stake from any Christopher Lee Hammer horror film. These include Dracula Has Risen From the Grave, Dracula, Prince of Darkness, Scars of Dracula and Taste the Blood of Dracula. With my younger years filled with watching Chilly Billy on Pittsburgh’s channel 11 Chiller Theatre, many frights and fears were experienced and these films cemented my perception of Dracula. This is no critique or smear of Bela Lugosi’s version. It was simply my era and thus would make this top 5 list.

Peter Cushing is my all-time favorite horror movie actor. For those unaware, he was the guy usually playing Dr. Van Helsing in those Christopher Lee vampire flicks. But, that was not the only roles he portrayed. In The House that Dripped Blood, an anthological film featuring five tales surrounding an old and eerie house, his head ends up on a silver platter much like in Creepshow’s Father’s Day. Odd to want a silver platter? Maybe…probably…yep, but hey, every single film prop has a home somewhere, where it will be viewed with reverence, typically taken from fond memory. Speaking of Peter Cushing, in Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, another anthological film from Amicus, he portrayed a rather mysterious rail traveler who used tarot cards to reveal destinies of five fellow travelers. Just a single one of these tarot cards would be prized also. 

The Exorcist, a demonic film that terrified audiences near and far will always rate high for this dark heart and as a matter of fact, there is one thing from the film I wouldn’t mind seeing…Father Merrin’s purple Surplice…and I wouldn’t even mind if there were a split pea soup stain on it. While not what you would call religious, I do believe, but there is something about that upside down wooden cross too.

Branching away from mainstream horror for a moment, a tooth from the massive mechanical star in Jaws would be interesting enough. However, I highly doubt Universal would appreciate a corrupted clown scuba diving in one of their theme parks. Besides, the red nose would probably get in the way. 

Number five is too tough to call and so I’ll list a few items which equally rank.

A Walking Dead prop, say a screwdriver that had been driven into an undead head. Actually, anything from The Walking Dead would be choice.
Chainsaws are fine and these machines have chewed flesh in a number of movies. While not his preferred choice, Jason used one, and Leatherface always did, even perfected the use, but if I were to choose a featured chainsaw, it would be the one that The Evil Dead’s Ash used in place of his haunted hand.
In Missile to the Moon, a most cheesy science fiction film of the 1950’s featuring Rock Men and of all things, a giant spider, there was a great emphasis on avoiding direct sunlight. It wasn’t until the end of the film that we knew exactly why. When the astronauts were attempting to get back to their spaceship, they took great care in remaining in the shadows of a sheer rock wall. However, large rock men took note and gave chase forcing one of the astronauts out into the sunlight where he proceeded to sizzle inside his spacesuit and became nothing more than charcoal. I wouldn’t mind having the helmet and the suit. 
Now you might be wondering why this horror writer’s all-time favorite fright flick, The Night of the Living Dead, isn’t included on this list. Well…had I not personally visited the Evans City Cemetery and snapped off a small piece of bark from the tree that Barbara crashed her brother’s car into during the film’s opening sequence…it probably would have been.

But wait! There’s more!

Not only did this most intriguing question push thought boundaries, it also coerced and compelled a website visit and I learned that had previously offered the Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster (see it here) and although impressive, more importantly I found the auction site to be refined and classy, where hundreds of specialty items are offered, primarily aimed at the most discriminating collector. Of course, being a horror fan I delved straight into the dark side, admired such things as lobby cards and signed posters and eventually found myself exploring a number of other items, including bottles of fine wine…you know…the ones you buy and never taste. Believe me, there is more than I could ever cover here.

And so, I’d like to thank for taking the time to propose such an interesting question. I could select even more and may in the near future. Nonetheless, this was so interesting that I’ll solicit it myself to other bloggers.

What movie prop would you like to find on an auction block?

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