Sunday, April 15, 2012

The day has come and my first full-length novel is on the horizon

Hello grisly ghouls, sorry it's taken me so long, but I've finally found some time to stop and post something.

Besides working, I’ve been rather busy with my latest endeavor originally begun as a short tale. However, considering that I’m 45 or so pages in, having just finished chapter 6 and delving into chapter 7 and not even to the halfway point of the tale, I suspect this will eventually become my first full-length novel.

It’s called A Lawnly Existence and while simply the premise of an old man, accompanied by his equally old pug dog, desperate to fulfill his dead wife’s dream of winning the town’s coveted Best Lawn award may sound somewhat blasé, it is not, for a chance occurrence inadvertently leads, unbeknownst to even him, down a dark path that will change Willard Smith forever.

Currently, and I suppose this will probably change as the tale progresses, but the blurb is…

While the promise may be righteous…be careful where you tread. For sometimes the path is wrought with unseen treachery…and fulfillment can be horrific.

And so, every single day I'm scratching my bloody nails solely on this project finding the unfolding as I go tale exciting and challenging. Of course, while I certainly have majority, if not all of the story in my head and only needing to put it down on paper, it is those little nuances and incorporating ideas springing up along the way that I find incredible. I’ve never written like this before and seem to always be rather stringent with the flow. This time I’m allowing the words to take me where they want to go (providing they stay on the same premise path), and it seems to be working considerably better. Huh! Maybe I’ve stumbled on my niche? Maybe this is how all those best-selling writers are able to continually put out more than one book a year? Who knows? All I know is that it seems to be working well. And, while I’m certainly nowhere near best-selling status, simply viewing writing as an enjoyable hobby, maybe this concept will be the walking stick that takes me there. We’ll just have to wait and see. If it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Call it evolution.

None-the-less, this current tale I’m penning feels most different than anything I’ve ever written. While it’s still within the horror genre and does include a few gory depictions, it’s not smack in your face slasher-type horror and leans toward the psychological type that kind of creeps up on you using character driven elements.

Therefore, I plan to remain fully concentrating on this book and limiting other endeavors until it’s finished.

Yeah right!

That reminds me…today I’m reviewing The Deadly Spawn for Horror News Net while checking out the latest issue of Suspense Magazine and awaiting the delivery of issue 66 of Cemetery Dance in between picking up things like Evil Dead lunchboxes at the neighborhood yard sales. I guess I’ll get plenty of sleep when I’m dead!

And so, I'll leave you with a picture I took this week of one of my typical pals that seems to live in every attic and on every bush I trudge through, over and around during installs.

Have a great week minions and Stay Scared,