Sunday, January 13, 2013

So much for the number 13 being unlucky....

Hello there minions, today is the 13th and while many consider it to be an unlucky number, this ghoul found it to be rather wickedly promising. 

First off, my letter to editor of the Steubenville, Ohio Herald Star newspaper was printed, and I have a few people mailing me copies. Thanks folks!
Read it here

And, I wrote a review for the film Django Unchained. Great western, deftly and gruesomely directed by Quentin Tarantino. Read it here

But, the most exciting news of the day was having my own ongoing bi-weekly column at Horror News Net accepted and approved. The column is entitled Land of Shadow and Substance, and will discuss each episode, exploring introduction, synopsis, cast members, and closing. Being a major fan of both The Twilight Zone, as well as Rod Serling, this is a bit overwhelming for me and I’m looking forward to every single installment. Basically, it is my personal shrine to a television show that had a great impact on me. With the inaugural article, I attempted to provide a Rod Serling type introduction and closing, and I feel I may have captured a little of that intrigue that he consistently brought. Of course, I’m no Rod Serling, but I gave it a shot and only you will be the judge of that. Regardless, it is now available to read here.

Horror pic of the week

Next up, editing chapter 5 of my first full length novel entitled A Lawnly Existence for Suspense Publishing. A tale about an old man attempting to fulfill his recently deceased wife’s dream, with morbid reprocussions. However, as I always make a point to mention, it is neither a ghost or zombie tale.

So, how was your 13th?


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