Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Film Study for a Horror Writer...

Well ghouls, this week I put some serious thought and study into creating a film. And, I learned a lot, but, I have a long way to go.

I also played with the camera, took some shots of the moon, which led into toying with a couple trial versions of editing software.
Vegas Movie Studio Platinum

CyberLink Power Director

While they are a far cry from finished quality products, it was terribly fun and taught me the gist. Now to fine tune and detail.
Besides a good camera, there are so many things a would-be filmmaker needs to consider. One is lighting. Good lighting is essential, probably the most crucial thing in filmmaking and so, I’ve begun investing (cheaply of course).
They may not be Hollywood approved, but they should do the trick.

While this film I intend to make has limited settings and very little FX, I suspect it will eventually lead into other films that will require it. And, since I already have a substantial make-up kit that includes various contacts, teeth, prosthetics, bases, colors and miscellaneous stuff that I create my clown Wee Willie Wicked and his jester brother Jack with. (By the way, I’m also a big fan of Face Off – the make-up artist competition on the Sci-Fi network, but am nowhere near their caliber...yet!) Nonetheless, I’ve pondered using it in the future.

Coincidently, besides the Canon T3i camera (which I’ve had more than a few folks tell me it is perfect for my intentions), I also have a tripod and 55-250 zoom and this is probably a very good start for a guerrilla filmmaker.

And so, basically this is where I’m at in this whole filmmaking venture, and it’s been tremendously creepy fun.

As far as writing is concerned..
  • I’ve put a couple thousand words into the new piece of my Interview with a Monster series at Suspense Magazine (Wolfman).

  • And, I’m currently in chapter 3 of my final rewrite of my novel A Lawnly Existence.

And, I'd like to say God Bless and Rest In Peace to Terri Ann Armstrong, a fellow Suspense Magazine writer who lost a courageous battle. Her family is in need and if anyone is so inclined to kindly assist with final expenses, telephone the bank at 888 751 9000. The account number is 8371753001

So fellow ghouls, zombies and creatures of the night, on a somber note, until next time...
Stay Scared,

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