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The Wages of Sin

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From the start of time, demons have walked in every footstep of man, always having a dark side. Even Dante’s Inferno, a classic text of and open to interpretation that depicts nine circles of suffering and penance leading to Hell loosely associates them too. Better known as the seven deadly sins, there are associated actual demons too. Of course, not everyone agrees that each perfectly match’s their specific sin, lending to believe that each are capable of commanding all the sins. However, the consensus for the Seven Princes of Hell are as follows:

1: PRIDE – Satan and not Lucifer, which is a bit of a misnomer understandingly due to being one in the same, are the proprietor. Where Lucifer refers to the being prior to casting out of heaven, Satan is the transformation afterward. Of course, this doesn’t imply any less wickedness and therefore, love of self, desire to be above others or more important, knowingly ignoring other’s achievements reign. The first and deadliest sin, spawning subsequent others while maintaining and embedding primary everlasting roots will cost, according to Dante, large stone slabs being lugged, in hopes of coercing humility.

Proud for accomplishing is fine; looking down on the meek who hadn’t isn’t.

2: Mammon: GREED – Another excess sin, a desire so strong that only the accumulation of material possessions will it be satisfied, regardless of quantity. Bound and forced face-down, Dante implies this is for considering and primarily concentrating on earthy thoughts only.

Does a person really need an unlimited supply of material possessions when it usually involves scaling a ladder made of broken people?

3: Asmodeus LUST – Most tend to assume sexual overtones with this sin, and couldn’t be more wrong. Actual intent is desire, regardless of quest. In Inferno, harsh unrelenting winds, synonymous with the chronic lustful desire churn the unwitting about.

There’s a reason that Playboy is a top magazine, not because of the articles.

4: Leviathan: ENVY – The insatiable desire, according to Aquinas, “sorrow for another’s good.” Dante’s depiction requires sewn shut eyes, a penance for taking pleasure in seeing others’ failures.

We all have a tendency to call this karma.

5: Beelzebub: GLUTTONY. From the Latin word gluttire, to gulp down, it is a sin closely associated with food and in most instances this would be a correct assumption. But, there are other forms and anything in over consumption applies. This sin is not addressed by Dante.

Remember this when you read the next all you can eat restaurant sign.

6: Amon: WRATH – Ira for rage, this sin usually applies to anger and/or hatred, but also points inwardly too. Therefore, suicide is lumped into this sin not necessarily applying to the consensus of selfishness.

Justice, spite and revenge are three words with three absolute definitions that walk a fine line. One is fine; the other two will only lead elsewhere.

7: Belphegor: SLOTH – Typically thought of as laziness, this wouldn’t be a misconstrued conception even though it leans toward not applying or utilizing one’s talents. Funny thing, according to Dante’s Inferno, having to constantly run as fast as one could indefinitely (eternity) was the penance. 

With the exception of Sunday, considering it an advised day of rest, the couch is not a place to spend one’s life.

Coincidentally, the Catholic Church tends to agree, simply referring to these as virtues: Chastity (Lust), Temperance (Gluttony), Charity (Greed), Diligence (Sloth), Patience (Wrath), Kindness (Envy), Humility (Pride), but those will be discussed at another time.

You have 30 days (July 22nd). Good luck!

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