Thursday, September 5, 2013

Horrorscapes is a must for any Halloween Boo Bash

With Halloween in the not too distant future, costume parties are certain, held in places filled with the decor of nightmares. By adding HorrorscapeS, an innovative looping DVD of horrific scenes and chilling vignettes, any television or computer screen can easily be utilized to push that boo bash over the top.
Produced by Michael Speigner and Jeremiah Baumbach, over 80 fragments are depicted. With vampires and spiders, skulls and zombies, ghosts and Jack-O-Lanterns and even a creepy clown amongst, even things that go bump in the night will take notice.

Created and filmed with the utmost quality, proof coming in the form of an Emmy nomination for Photography, each punctilious scene is a culmination of distinctive costuming, exceptional FX, precise lighting and enhanced settings designed to constantly reinforce the mood.
The menu is easily maneuverable
With six sections to choose from, as well as the option to select all, choreographing a themed party couldn’t be easier and any ghoulish host can easily set the tone to their specifics. 

Section one is called Fear Fest, a vast combination of assorted scenes yanked from nightmares including a hairy tarantula creeping along, a demented butcher knife clutching clown lurking from the haze at the bottom of a stairwell and a terrified woman lying on a gurney covered in blood, her arm horribly gashed and being experimented on by an implied Dr. Death. Various odd looking eyes are also depicted and is sure to send shivers down many a spine.

The remaining five sections are specific screensavers:

Fire Skull is a perfectly designed and a graphically superior depiction of just that, a skull floating on and in a pit of fire from straight out of hell.
The Vamp Vixens are both beautiful and deadly
Vampire Vixens are sultry female blood suckers sure to tantalize any neck and perfect for those parasitic only parties.
Various Jack-O-Lantern's are depicted, all having a creepy feel
U Don’t Know Jack is possibly the overall best and will comfortably fit in any scenario, even the younger generational ones.
Watch closely and you will see
Ghost Hunting is the most innovative as camera 13, complete with date and counting digital clock across the top reminiscent of Paranormal Activity, watches over a dark and frightening, misty cemetery that in itself would convey fear. Watch closely minions, for the spooks do come out at night.
Lunar Madness is similar in fashion to the Vampire Vixen portion, only this time it is a depiction of a shadowed full moon perfect for bringing out the werewolf howls. 

An interesting note: With regards to their screensavers, 2010 saw Michael Speigner and Jeremiah Baumbach create the very first Halloween themed edition for Comcast On Demand and over 30 million fans paid witness to their handiwork. Coincidentally, they’ve been doing it ever since.

If there is anything detrimental to say about this product, it would be the dark and hard to read packaging itself. In my humble opinion, this needs an update to include eye catching flash and pizzazz…maybe some blood dripping from edges.
Any television and DVD player will work
Otherwise, HorrorscapeS, from, is frightfully clever, horrifically disturbing, fully unnerving and for those planning a Halloween Boo Bash, this DVD is an absolute must.

Fester Bones wants to have some giveaways.

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Until next time Ghouls, when we will review The Seasoning House.

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