Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Spaceship Terror...a B-flick on Steroids

Spaceship Terror on Tubi TV

Let’s be blunt, not all indie flicks are well thought out and filmed even worse, but with Spaceship Terror, it was quite apparent director and screenplay writer Harry Tchinski had a strategy and despite the more than obvious small budget, ended up making something bigger and better than many of the indies out there today. 

Laura (Kristen Springer), Janet (Lacey Blair), Annie (Ronda Olshefski), Mia (Yulia Hancheroff), Kelly (Jenny Lin) and Hardwick (Stephen Lastat) crash on a deserted planet. Little do they know that Captain Terror (Jay Westley Cochran), a Jigsaw and Leatherface love child far more demented than either parent, has heard the distress call and has much sinister intentions.

Mia, Janet & Laura contemplate

Seeking assistance, the gals board the spaceship, a craft that appears more like a sea faring vessel that was hit by a Saw 1 bathroom bomb, and are quickly met by Chris (Emma Lee Nguyen), a two year survivor from a prior slaughtered batch that seems to be the Captain’s play toy more than anything. However, she knows her way around and might just be the key to getting off this ship of massacres.

Captain Terror

With each death, a number is assigned and it is these numbers that form a code to access the escape pod. Of course, Captain Terror, armed with a mini harpoon gun having a cable for easy dragging, isn’t about to let that happen, but he isn’t all blood, gut and gore either and the gamer in him will at least allow a few short minutes to try.

Campy and fun, Spaceship Terror is a low budget indie splatterfest that has a certain amount of appeal. What is lacking in dialogue is made up elsewhere. Scifi fans will be fascinated with the impressive set, while horror fans will be captivated by the extraordinary carnage.

The gore is rather impressive

Sure, Harwen Productions’ Spaceship Terror is not going to charm everyone, no film ever does, but those reminiscent of campy 80’s flicks featuring blood & babes or those seeking the grindhouse type might just want to take note. Available on nearly all the streamers from Amazon Prime to Vimeo, Staying Scared easily found and viewed on tubi tv, you know, that free channel app easily loaded on a FireTV stick. By the way, during any 1hr 33 min airing, be on the lookout for a few familiar camera angles, especially with the spaceship shots…hint hint.  

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