Monday, April 18, 2011

The Liebster Blog Awards

What is the "Liebster Blog Award?"
It’s an award that was reputedly started in Germany in order to give smaller bloggers recognition for their hard work. You receive this award from a fellow blogger that feels your blog is both worthy & important to them. If you receive this award, there are two rules.
1. You must award 3-5 other bloggers with the award. In this case, it is five.
2. The bloggers awarded must have less than 300 followers.
Participation is completely voluntary and is not limited to any genre or writing for that matter. Basically, the blog can be about anything and simply has to be one that you feel is worthy and that you would like to give recognition to by passing it on.
This said...

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Carole Gill ( informing me that she had selected my blog as one of her five. Carole is quite an accomplished vamplit writer who I see rubbing elbows with the likes of Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, and a host of other well known vamplit writers' at some point in her future. I was honored that she chose Stay Scared, and I would like to thank her for the consideration.

So, now comes the hard part, selecting five blogs to pass it to, or award if you will. This is a rather tough ordeal considering that I follow a number of excellent blogs, and trying to select only five is daunting, but I'll try...

1.  Hammer and Beyond has to be one of my picks considering I absolutely love the Hammer Films. It is where you will find a vast array of everything Hammer, as well as links to associated sites. Simply marvelous…enough said

2. CK Webb and DJ Weaver are both writing and reading machines. Besides constantly interviewing authors’ and chronically reviewing books, they’ve found the time to write their first novel “Cruelty to Innocents: The 911 Abductions. It will be available May 26th. Typically, CK has a monthly piece in Suspense Magazine and DJ is one of Suspense Magazine’s regular reviewers. I have selected their blog Webb Weaver, for it’s outstanding commitment to both reader and writer alike. Thanks and keep up the great work.

3. Dark Wolf Fantasy Reviews is a superb place to get many horror anthology reviews. Considering that I primarily read anthologies, this is one of my favorites.

4. Dan Dillard is the author of the upcoming novel “The Unauthorized Autobiography of Ethan Jacobs,” by Hellfire Publishing, and is probably a writer that I personally lean closer toward considering his horrific macabre bone. He has many books and stories to his credit and I have even featured “My Mind’s Eye” on Stay Scared. Horror is his middle name and I am proud to be associated and award him. Find out more about this sometimes-demented writer at

5. Best Horror Comics is the blog that I would have if I wasn’t writing all the time. It offers wonderful insights to some of the best horror comics known. Be sure to check it out at Best Horror Comics and you may become a fan yourself.

And, there you have top five blogs that I pass forward and offer the Liebster Blog Award.

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  1. This is fantastic Thomas...thank you! We are going to look at our fellow bloggers and see who we are forwarding the award to...thanks again, as always you are awesome!!!


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