Monday, May 2, 2011

The Future...

Well my horror fiends, May looks to be a rather busy month for me. And, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't want it any other way.

First off, my editor for "Twitch," Ashley Kay McConnell is simply wonderful. She is quick, meticulous, creative, and accessible. All the things a writer needs. So, it’s now the bottom of the first and I’m up to bat…this is going to be fun.

I just finished a short interview with Ginger Nuts of Horror for their Hellfire page. I’ll let you know when it’s posted. Also, while were on the subject, my interview with Michael Wilson’s Read Horror blog will be coming soon. I’ll be sure to let you know about it too. And, although it may sound like a broken record, I am to be interviewed in the near future by R.A. Evans (author of Asylum Lake) for his “Seven Deadly Questions” blog series, as well as for the blog of Robin Renee Ray (author of Bloodbreeders).

What’s coming up besides Twitch? At the present, “The Horrors of Easter” is in April’s edition of Suspense Magazine and “Don’t Forget the Fingers: A Guide to the Perfect Zombie Family Picnic” will be included in May’s edition. In August, “The Pumpkin Patch” will be in the NorGus Press anthology “Look What I Found.” By the way, speaking of NorGus Press, have you had the chance to check out their first anthology “Strange Tales of Horror?” If not, you should. And, they are seeking a cover artist for the anthology. But, you better hurry...May 15th is the deadline.

And then there’s “The Daily Death.” I really enjoyed writing this series and planned on ending it on May 1st. However, due to popular demand, and because I’m enjoying it so much, I’m going to indefinitely continue it. Of course, I still have a number of co-workers still alive too. But, not for long…heh heh…

However, I do also have a number of other unfinished tales I like to finish telling. Therefore, in order to be able to accomplish it all, I will have to limit the macabre death tales to Friday’s only. Of course, I may sneak one in throughout the week too so, we’ll have to wait and see. Only time will tell.

Some of the tales I’m referring to so far are - And No Grits Either, Snowball, New Year’s Day, Rudely Yours, The Smell of Flowers, How Green is Your Lawn?, Aftermath, The Dark, Treaty, and an untitled marionette piece. I also have roughly 60k words down on a novel too, a horror / science fiction type piece. All are in various stages, and rest assured, they will be finished. Of course, this isn’t taking into consideration all the rough ideas I constantly have and have noted. A couple of them I plan to submit to Hellfire Publishing. As far as the others are concerned, who knows?

Coincidently, I also have another little humorous zombie piece I’m working on, and I suspect I'll put something on The Campfire, Hellfire Publishing's blog. 

By the way, did I happen to mention that I also work?

They do say…”no rest for the wicked,” and, I guess it’s true…MWOOOHAHAHAHAH!!!!


  1. I really liked your blog.
    It's newspacked and everything.
    just something for everyone, and you keep us updated on your work.

  2. Thanks Carole. Writing isn't simply about just publishing and story-telling. Oh no...there's way more than that to it...

  3. I still think you carry those poison-filled flower sprayers. Can't fool me, buddy.

    Great blog. New stuff all the time.


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