Monday, May 23, 2011

The Hunger Games...A read that will border obsession until it's completed!

The Hunger Games
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Being off Friday, after writing "The Daily Death," I swung by my local bookstore, simply intending to browse. That was until I come across a book that I had read a review prior. I think it was in Entertainment Weekly but, I'm really not sure since I seem to stick my nose in a variety of sorts. Regardless, the review was quite engaging and ever since, my interest was piqued with wanting to explore it. Of course, like I said, I hadn't any intentions or any specific book in mind when I walked in. However, when I saw it on the shelf, the interest came crashing back like a runaway locomotive, and I immediately knew I was buying it.

So, I get the book home, kicked back, and started delving into it. Let's just say that I was glad that I was also off on Saturday too. I couldn't put it down. It haunted me somewhat. Occasionally, I would flip ends on the couch and continue on. By Friday night, after a couple of quick dozes in between, I was over a third of the way through it. By Saturday night, I had fourteen pages left, and finished gobbling those up upon getting home from work on Sunday. Absolutely fantastic read. The pace is quick and it certainly is a page turner.
So, what is it about? I really don't want to give too much away so I'll keep it brief. After all, I would rather not spoil it for you. It's truly worth it.

In the future, after all the disasters, famine, and an uprising against the government, the nation of Panem (assumed to be the old United States), has a Capitol at the center of twelve districts that surround it. This Capital has quashed the rebellion and now rules with an iron fist. In order to keep these districts in line, each one is forced to send one boy and one girl (ages between twelve and eighteen) to the yearly Hunger Games, a live televised fight to the death type event (similar to The Running Man but, that's where the similarities end).

Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen-year-old girl from district twelve. She keeps food on the family table by hunting, scrounging, and trading, and is witty and smart. Her little sister is chosen for the games and Katniss steps in to take her place.

   The book is a nonstop suspenseful ride that will border obsession until it's finished, (you've been warned). Coincidently, it is the first of a trilogy and also is intending to be a major motion picture. Some have even called it the "new" Twilight. And, I suppose it could be, minus the vampires of course.

So, this weekend, I didn't get too much writing accomplished. Usually that would bother me. But, not this time…


  1. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for spreading the word, my friend.

  2. I've heard a lot of buzz about the book and movie but had no idea what it was about. Thanks for sharing! Its now on my TBR list.


  3. Blaze & Stacey...fair warning...after opening it, you won't put it down until it's finished...and it's a beautiful thing!



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