Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wee Willie Wicked is alive and back to Thomas Scopel

Last week, I put all the writing on hold and explored the idea of having a weekly webcast called Staying Scared with Wee Willie Wicked. I blogged about the first webcast on Wicked's blog.

Undertaking this effort was no small expenditure and took a full week of testing, exploring and refining. And, although I did enjoy it to an extent, there was still that nag in the back of my head that kept reminding me that I lost writing time.
Well, that week is over and everything is in place. It’s now simply a matter of maintaining (that’s the easy part) and this coming week I will cure that nag.
Right now I’m trying to pin down and organize a schedule to fit working, writing and a general life in. Rather tough, but not entirely impossible. And, considering all the technical and conceptual aspects of the effort is completed, time is now plentiful and a wonderful welcome relief. Of course, I didn’t really have to take on this venture. However, when John Raab, the publisher of Suspense Magazine, interviewed me…he planted a seed and that seed grew.
While I still expect Saturdays to be rather hectic with working, rushing home in the evening, putting on the clown face and webcasting live at midnight, creating a bevy of tired Sundays, the writing time is back.
…no rest for the wicked.
I might add that I did get caught up on a little reading though...

Stay Scared,

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  1. Glad you found time for reading, my friend!


  2. Thanks Blaze...soooo much to do, so little time. Read Wee Willie Wicked's blog and you'll understand. I plan an update here tomorrow. Staying scared with Wee Willie Wicked is on at midnight.



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