Sunday, October 16, 2011

The fine line between reading and writing.

In recent days I haven’t updated my blogs as often as in the past and I am truly sorry for this. I would like to say that it was due to procrastination, but that wouldn’t be true.
Since being laid off from engineering in the middle of 2008, I have simply accepted any and all menial forms of employment, most of which were considered part-time, paid little to nothing and more than once I found myself working two jobs in order to obtain 40 hours.
Regardless, while being a cashier or a stocker or a meatcutter (no, even this one paid less than 10 dollars an hour, a product of corporate greed), each did have two things in common. They aided me with keeping my financial head above water and they offered the opportunity to extensively write. Well, times change for both good and the bad and those days now appear to be gone forever as I am now back on track, utilizing my technical knowledge, receiving a good salary, having a future and no longer having to juggle a two job schedule. But, there is a dark side. Along with this job came the need to substantially cut back my writing hours. Therefore, you could say it’s a catch-22.
At first, this turn of events troubled me. Sure, I was certainly grateful for gaining more than adequate employment. I just resisted giving up my writing timeframes.
Stephen King has been quoted as saying if you don’t have time to read then you don’t have time to write. Another of my favorite writing adages is to write, whether it is a page, paragraph or sentence, at least once per day. Both of these adages really hits home with me. However, King has been the only writer, as far as I know, that combines reading and writing in the same sentence. I considered this when I began to form a battle plan, dead set on making it congeal with the extensive working week. It took a little bit of time, adjusting along the way, but I have figured it all out. Of course I had to sacrifice quantity a bit. None-the-less, each day now includes both reading and writing.
How did I do it?
In recent days, I have been commuting and working in and out of a large metropolitan city and traffic can often be rather trying. This is where the daily reading comes into play. Did you know that the Kindle will read to you? I simply plug it into my stereo and let the words take me to another world as I inch along bumper to bumper. By the time the traffic breaks free, I am usually knee deep into the tale and listen for the 80 mile ride home. When I get there, most of the time, I find it rather hard to turn off the story and find myself oddly looking forward to the morning commute so I can read again.
As for the writing, I fit this in on evenings and weekends. As mentioned earlier, my quantity of writing was forced to decrease, but there is writing none the less.
Life can be a rat race. Bills need paid, food needs put on the table and little luxuries are desired. Well, these things take money and unless you are a King, Clancy or any of the numerous other bestselling writers able to afford to simply write, the only way these things can be achieved is through employment.
Therefore, choices must be made. Either you can attempt to fit it all in, or you can simply give it up, being content with placing that writer dream on the back burner. Well, giving up is not within my spectrum and so I’ve incorporated, tightened and pursued. Self-discipline is a key word here. Believe me, after working 10+ hours, the last thing I want to do is work some more. But, I am a writer. That’s what I do and it requires endless hours of dedication. So, I persevere.
Although, when it comes to certain things, I’m no different than many others and do have my own little unwavering quirks. And with tonight being the premiere of the second season of The Walking Dead, you can bet I won’t be writing…

You may have noticed that the tales from my series The Daily Death are no longer available on Staying Scared. This is because I am in the process of final edits and intend to publish an ebook called The Daily Death: How I Killed My Co-Workers in 30 Days on Amazon. It will include all the tales plus a special tale that will not be available anywhere else…my very own death: The Death of Thomas. I’m also considering adding a few previously published pieces that pertain to the death genre. I hope to have it available soon. Here’s the cover…

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  1. Cool Thomas, glad you found steady employment and even happier you are still focusing on writing. It is really hard to juggle everything :)


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