Monday, March 10, 2014

Back to the dark and warmly welcomed with grasping bony fingers

Hello Ghouls;
As most of you have probably noticed, I took a hiatus from Staying Scared. This was due to a personal issue, not one associated with yours truly, but one close enough that required my dedication. Nonetheless, the issue is now concluded and things are returning back to normal very quickly. While the break was needed and probably a good thing, I was never fully able to stray too far from fear and therefore, besides watching a few flicks which I'll be discussing in future postings (coincidentally you can see the trailer for the first at the end of this post), I did read and write.

 So Kiddies, without further adieu, lets begin with the reading...shall we...  

Off the beaten path, Juniper, Arizona, a quaint and quiet, close knit town has numerous mom and pop stores. Although most needs are met, not everything is available and, on occasion, shopping excursions to distant metropolises are essential.

Built on what was once the most scenic location in town, bland and windowless, The Store, due to its ability to offer nearly everything including jobs, is welcomed by most everyone, except Bill Davis, who views the venture as a despicable invasion.

On an evening jogging excursion past The Store, Bill peers in through the glass double door entrance and spies the almost robot-like evening stockers busy going about with the chore. However, these workers, with their black robes and pale white faces are anything but normal. Convinced of wickedness and to no avail, he addresses the city council, who, on every front, side with The Store.

At his rebuke, his two teenage daughters obtain jobs at The Store anyway and before long, his eldest has deeply fallen under the influence of Mr. Lamb, The Store’s sadistic manager.

Unable to compete, the smaller shops begin closing as The Store indigently streamlines products and offers buyouts to those remaining. Those who oppose mysteriously disappear and before long, The Store is the only merchant in town.

However, The Store has no intentions of stopping there and soon begins to employ the public servants, the city workers and the council too. At wits end, Bill takes drastic measures and embarks on a letter writing campaign aimed at the chain’s owner Newman King.

When King personally invites Bill to corporate headquarters, all expenses paid, Bill, intent on change, accepts. However, Bill is in for a demented and horrifying surprise. For The Store’s influence is strong; change is in order; and The Store is seeking a new manager.
Next Up
And this book, 100 hair-raising little horror stories (selected by Al Sarrantonio & Martin H. Greenberg), is my go to book when I want something quick. Chock full of eerie little ditties, the latest was by William F. Nolan entitled Dead Call, a creepy little tale surrounding a most convincing telephone call from the other side.
And...typically I found myself gnawing into both recent and past issues of some of my favorite magazines.
Of course I took time away from the written word and did some planting too.

Well, there is 3 episodes of The Walking Dead left and its probably about time for someone important to die. I really thought it was going to happen this week with Bob, and as usual, I was wrong. Regardless, I still think that shoulder injury is something more, maybe a bite small enough to be infected, but petite enough to be a slow process.

SPOILER ALERT Did you know that in the comic series (issue 64), Dale was the one with the missing leg and he was kidnapped by a band of cannibals who ate his other leg. However, the joke is on them because Dale had been secretly bitten and was therefore tainted. heh heh what a plot twist. Maybe the concept will include Bob. Who knows?

Did you happen to catch Daryl introducing himself as Joe to Negan. He's definitely up to something. God forbid it is Negan's gang who have Beth and have harmed her. They won't have a hope in hell.

Which brings us to the writing...

First off, I've worked on A Lawnly Existence (my first full-length novel) and even started preliminaries on the next, Future Past. Actually, it's a little more than preliminaries (chapter 3). However, that work thing keeps getting in the way and since food and shelter come first, the process is slow. I did, however, complete a couple of pieces. One, a 5k ditty called 2084 is my ode to George Orwell and is now in the hands of a well known horror magazine. We'll see and when I do, we'll both know. The other is called And No Grits Either and is at Suspense Magazine.

So, just when I thought I'd get back to the novels, as usual, another creepy tale came to mind and I was compelled to jot down the basics. And, since that the basics are down, that compulsion has become ruthless and now wants to finish it. Damn, if this keeps up, I'll never get the novels written.

On the other hand, since writer's block has never been an issue, maybe I should simply count my gruesome blessings and just keep chopping away. Hee Hee, Ho Ho, Ha Ha

What I'll be discussing next

So, until next time Ghoulies and Creepsters, watch horror, read terrifying tales, think gruesome thoughts, write scary stories and Stay Scared.


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