Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another rejection for the pile...but its okay because Slashed Wrists Studio is finally live...

In the rear of Writer's Digest Magazine is a monthly series called Reject a Hit which offers the opportunity to play the publisher part and write a rejection letter to the author of a well known, usually popular novel.

One day an idea struck which, at least to me, seemed good enough to pursue even if it was more of a novelty concept. Surrounding my favorite Stephen King novel, The Long Walk, I wrote the piece and submitted. As usual, it took a few months to hear back, which was a rejection. Now I could easily submit the piece elsewhere, and maybe it would be picked up, but being an indigenous type piece limits submission areas and thus, I decided to share with you instead and posted below.

For you King fans, I'm sure you'll see what I meant by novelty. See how many titles you can find.

October 13, 1978

Mr. King,

While you may fancy yourself a horror writer, The Long Walk is anything but, and like some running man named Garraty, found myself encouraging frequent death simply to surpass every participant and end my character study misery. Had this been before 11/22/63 and the shining of science fiction, maybe, but believe me, this tale is no storm of the century.

Originally intending to ring your cell to convey first hand, both desperation and Dr. Sleep were more needful things and after tossing the last page on my nightstand alongside what is known as the dark tower of books, the dreamcatcher dangling above my bed swayed, quashing such notions and denying insomnia.

No joyland here Mr. King and under the dome of publishing, coincidentally feeling more like walking the green mile, must make the stand to implore using the pages simply as firestarter. For in the eyes of the dragon neither a Carrie nor a Christine or even a kid from Colorado will delve very far into this bag of bones.

Ascertaining your dark half, clearly the dead zone does not befit and so, please leave horror aspirations lingering somewhere between Duma Key and Salem’s Lot. Be original; concentrate more on playing finders keepers.

Granted, call it a revival if you will, but if hard set on horror, know the cycle of the werewolf grows yet thinner. At least wait until four passed midnight when clutching the talisman, otherwise maybe explore operating a pet cemetery instead. Somewhere the tommyknockers can exchange little Cujo or Lisey’s story.

Basically, Stephen if I may, everything’s eventual and this will not plant a Mr. Mercedes in your driveway. Next time try quaint romance...say a girl who loves Tom Gordon.


Delores Claiborne
From a Buick 8 Publishing     

Nonetheless, rejected...again, the story of a writer's life.

However, this won't get me down since I'm quite aware that writing is 99% rejection anyway. And, having been both published and rejected before, I suspect this vicious circle will remain a constant throughout this writing quest. know what they call a writer that never gives up?


My job typically sees me meeting all kinds of folks and some of those people are more interesting than others in both good and bad ways. One day a couple of years ago I happened on a guy named Joops Fragale, who was an independent filmmaker in the final phases of editing his short film entitled The Guy Knows EverythingClick here to watch it. Regardless, after some discussion in which I mentioned writing horror and my Staying Scared website, he offered me a screener to review, which I gladly did and posted at Horror News Net under my pseudonym Wee Willie Wicked. Read it here. While the overall situation, in itself, was invigorating enough, it also planted a seed, making me think I too could created mini horror films, and so began my pursuit.

Well, to make a long story short, after chopping, slicing and digging for what seems like an eon, this chase came to fruition, the graves are dug and Slashed Wrists Studio has become a reality. Although the films have yet to be created, rest assured, I have already pondered and have three ditties in the development stage. These short horror films will be shot using a Canon XL2 DVC and edited with Sony Vegas Studio. Of course, I'm no Spielberg, but I'm quite confident I'll be able to invade more than a few dreams. Mwhahahahahah

With the Slashed Wrists Studio website designed and live, my time frame opens and I will be shooting very soon. Maybe give the site a visit and let me know what you think. Send me an email here. By the way, much like accepting a publisher's rejection letter, I can also stomach criticism too.

Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year, is fast approaching and believe me, I'll be back to chat some more before it arrives. In the meantime, below is a completed idea I had lingering since I put that fearful costume on and maybe it will tide you over.

Ever wonder how the Jack O Lantern tradition began? Let Jack himself tell you his sordid tale...

Oh yeah, working on a couple of other things too. Staying Scared Storytime finds Lorelei Alecto (Staying Scared's very own witch) reading short horror tales and posting in audio format.
Here's the trailer...

And Staying Scared's Creep Theatre will see all the Staying Scared characters (the clown, jester, witch, scarecrow, ghoul, skeleton, Jack O Lantern & more) playing horror movie host with public domain films. The first prototype was for Burn Witch Burn, which was more than fitting for Lorelei to feature and it's actually a rather eerie flick.

Did I mention that I just went over 1000 Twitter followers? Milestones are a good thing...heh heh

...and so ghouls, I'll be creeping back and lurking around real soon...

Stay Scared,