Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vidal Sassoon was never like this, a review of the Prime Cuts graphic novel

From Laddsville Entertainment, the first volume of Prime Cuts is available in both digital and print formats at For more information, please contact Christian Pimsner at or visit their website at

Superheroes are fine and dandy with strengths and powers all they’re own. However, on occasion that superhero comes equipped with nothing more than scissors and his name is Todd. Loosely based on the Sweeny Todd tale, Prime Cuts is far from your standard graphic novel. Written by John Franklin (Isaac in Children of the Corn) and Tim Sulka and illustrated by Rob Gutman, their take on the barber legend is twisted and enticing at the same time.

Having been locked up for quite some time and all the while contemplating revenge on the man that destroyed his family, the day has come for him to be set free from cosmetology prison. But, the world is different now, with Mad Cow disease having distressed the meat industry causing extreme shortages and a pecking order that rules a society rampant with sex, drugs and violence.

In this first issue, both Todd and the vulgar, often grotesque and completely seedy world he must now embrace are introduced and he quickly finds himself fending off less than savory predatory characters. But, motivation is strong and there is a determination to succeed.

Odd and different with compelling color artwork leading the reader through twisted and shocking scenes, Prime Cuts stands above many other graphic novels on the market today. Fair warning, the journey is a demented and dark one that will find readers applauding and cheering for success…just not very quick.

Absorbing and captivating, audiences are virtually assured at looking twice at their barber/hairstylist before fully deciding whether to let both them and their sharp instruments near because Vidal Sassoon was never like this.

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