Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The reviewer's have let's see what the fans think...

In a little over a week, my novella Twitch will be released from Suspense Publishing (July 15th) and it is a very exciting time for me. The reviews are coming in and are more than I could have hoped for. From Horrorphilia to WebbWeaver to Monster Librarian and more, they have been rather glowing. 

And, although the reviews are quite good and contain high praise, they also collectively indicate one single suggestion...that the tale be longer. Basically, they want more of Twitch. Well, it has reopened my eyes and so....

I have begun contemplating writing a prequel that will tell Twitch's middle story. It would incorporate the same gruesome type of events as the Twitch novella employs and include Twitch's thoughts and undertakings along the way. Twitch has had a terribly horrific life and it appears that the time has come to tell the whole story and offer the fans a deeper side of him.

When I had started writing Twitch (over a year ago), I had originally entertained thoughts of it being a full novel. But, somewhere along the way I became sidetracked and limited the tale to simply the beginning and the end.

Why did I do that? I really don't know, especially since I certainly have much more to tell about this carnival oddity. Maybe it was because I consider myself a short story writer. It was my most ambitious piece to date and I was partly concerned as to whether or not it would be accepted. After all, in writing, rejection is the norm. But then a funny thing happened…it was widely accepted and praised.

And here I sit today reading emails from a few of the reviewers’ that are calling it original, intense, creepy, well written and wanting more. I can only hope the reader’s feel the same and on Friday July 15th, I will get my answer. However, in the meantime, I am going to start jotting down and outlining this potential novel sized prequel.

So much for being a short story writer…

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  1. By all means write more about the little guy. I haven't read the story yet and I want to read the second one. We're not talking your every day monster here. Twitch is totally unique.




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