Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twitch is Now Available


A Chilling, Debut Novella from Thomas Scopel
Digital Release ΕΎ On Sale July 15, 2011

"Original ideas are hard to come by nowadays and Twitch was truly one of a kind"
—Gabino Iglesias, Horrorphilia

Occasionally, a tale comes along that combines creepy and carnival in the same sentence. Ray Bradbury has done it with Something Wicked This Way Comes. Dean Koontz has done it with Twilight Eyes. And now Thomas Scopel brings you Twitch, an EBOOK from Suspense Publishing, that brings a new twist to this genre, available July 15, 2011.

Tightly written, this dark tale offers horror and suspense in a page turning quick read that will leave you aghast, frightened, angry and sad. It is a tale of deserving retribution for those who view and treat the odd with ridicule and pain.

Twitch is an innocent deformed atrocity that has been used, abused and unwanted his whole life. But, he harbors a dark secret and his retribution is certainly far worse...for people can be so vicious…and so can Twitch.

Available at most online outlets and in all known formats, this ninety-nine cent download will most assuredly have you reconsidering entering that summer traveling carnival’s oddity attraction.
With the seeds firmly planted in his mind by Pittsburgh's Chiller Theatre, Thomas Scopel found the weekly scares he desired. After obtaining a degree and working in the engineering field, constantly feeling the writing itch, he pursued it, becoming a correspondent at the Daytona Beach News Journal. This scratched the itch, only leaving raised, bloody, horror aspirating welts on his flesh and he converted to horror fiction. Since entering the darkness with no intentions of ever returning (or even turning a light on for that matter), he has been published in various horror and fright based electronic and print publications. His tales include: The Pumpkin Patch (August 2011 "Look What I Found" anthology from Norgus Press), Lickety Split, The Eight Legs of Night, The Horrors of Easter, Don't Forget the Fingers: A Guide to the Perfect Zombie Family Picnic, and more. May marked his fourth appearance in Suspense Magazine and in April 2011, his blog was the home of his macabre series The Daily Death—a collection of fictional tales of his co-workers’ mortality.

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The trailers propane tank exploded, opening it with sharp, pointed petals like a blossoming flower. He watched it bore down on him like a massive bullet, taking his head off and carrying it a short distance away and leaving his limp headless body stuck hanging partway out of the gap.

Twitch’s grin widened a bit.


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  2. wow, I'm twitching already.
    hope you sell zillions!


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