Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Rest for the Wicked

After four rewrites, I finally finished a tale called The Sidewalk Ends. It’s a 4k word dark psychological tale of unheeded warnings, not fully understood repercussions and too late realizations. I submitted it to Shock Totem. We’ll wait and see. Now I’m working hard on A Lawnly Existence, a story about an old man & his Pug dog who wants to win the town’s coveted “best lawn” award. He stumbles across an old book of ancient intricacies at a flea market. But, there is a cost for applying them.

Of course, this is besides the words put down on Future Past, my novel about a company that can show you what could have happened had you taken a different route in life.

The Walking Dead seems to be starting off quite well with a quicker pace. I’m glad to see that because, although I thoroughly enjoyed last season, the show did seem to lag a bit. I suppose after this season’s buildup, it will end with a bang and the waiting game will be on again. Don’t ya just hate that?

Just checked out a film called The Dead and I was surprised. Not your typical “dead” flick. It is centered in Africa and after attempting to flee the growing horror, the plane crashes off the coast and a few victims make it back to shore. But, only one survives the entire movie and the story surrounds him trying to survive not only zombies, but hunger, thirst and harsh elements as he makes his way across the African plans. Rather chilling and very gruesome, for zombie lovers, check this one out.

I’m giving away 5 signed copies of The Daily Death – How I Killed My Co-Workers In 30 Days on a Good Reads sponsored contest. Over one hundred people have signed up so far. If you’d like a shot at one, the link is on the top left of this page. It won’t cost you a thing and I’m even covering the postage.

Finished reading Cemetery Dance #65 and the February issue of Suspense Magazine. Both are exceptional, offering a bevy of tales, interviews, articles and reviews. I highly recommend both. Click the pics if you are interested.

Looks like I’m on a devil kick with regards to film reviewing. Ever seen that 1975 movie “Race with the Devil?” It’s about two couples out for a camping trip of a lifetime and inadvertently pays witness a demonic sacrifice. Read my review of it at Horror News Net. Next on the list is The Devil’s Advocate, with The Omen series and a few choice other satanic types films coming soon.

Creepy pic of the week.

And, I suspect Wee Willie Wicked will be out and about this weekend since he has a couple of things in mind he’d like to chat about on his blog.

Otherwise, have a horrifying week folks and remember…Stay Scared!

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  1. Keep us posted about Wee Willie, my friend. After all, he is a Devil, in a clownish way, of course.



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