Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Bottom Step

Johnny stood on the basement’s bottom step intrigued by the sight of the little, wickedly gruesome looking, no bigger than a common garden gnome, creature stare directly back at him from the shadows of the corner.

Pretending, but without touching, and getting closer each time, he would taunt it, sticking his pointed big toe directly toward the dirt floor, as if he was testing a pool's water temperature, and intending to step down.

The drooling creature’s parsed mouth offered sharp, glistening crooked teeth. While it's squinting yellowish eyes opened wider, taking notice and slightly rising, ready to pounce each time he did.

With a giggle, he pointed the toe again and stumbled, slipping off the edge of the wooden step and landing, back flush on the floor.

Immediately he felt jagged nails piercing deep; gripping tight into his flesh. Kicking and screaming, he saw the stairwell getting farther away and the surrounding shadows growing dimmer. Feeling hot moist saliva dripping into his short hair, he screamed again…and the creature bit down.

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