Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wanna cook up something really scary? Try this recipe!

This recipe took me many years to perfect and only serves one. With the proper ingredients, is quite easy to cook up. However, keep in mind that not everyone’s ingredients and quantities will be the exact same. This is a matter of personal preference and is certainly open for variation. It may also require adjustments along the way in order to find the absolutely best ingredients possible. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time and keep trying using different ingredients. I was nine when I happened upon my first successful main ingredient, allowing my first real savoring taste of movie inflicted horror delectability. It was with George Romero’s 1968 zombie masterpiece, “The Night of the Living Dead.” (Note: Now days, it is an absolute 100% chance that it will be playing on or near a remote control near you on or around Halloween, and can be a good choice to begin with.)
The second time I would stumble upon a successful main ingredient would be with “The Exorcist.” Arguably, one of the most horrifying films of all time that is about a Catholic priest, well, actually two of them, doing psychological battle with a ten-year-old little girl invading evil demon who calls himself the devil. It’s one of my all time Halloween favorites too. But, be forewarned: It is a very vulgar, sometimes sacrilegious, and horrifying film. Keep the youngsters as far away as possible! And, be sure to get the uncut version. It is considerably a more delicate flavor and certainly much more delicious.

Therefore, let’s bake shall we?

First, start with a big heaping bowl of a visit to the neighborhood movie rental store and get one, or even two scary movies. Of course, be sure to put some preliminary thought into it and take the time to consider your flavors.
Mix in a liberal amount of darkness. This is crucial, the darker the better. With a little luck, the darkness will be filled with scattered lightning flashes, howling winds, and heavy raindrops loudly pattering the roof. Of course, a deathly quiet, house creaking as it settles, night works well too.
Throw in a heaping quantity of I’m completely alone tonight. While it most assuredly can be enjoyable snuggling with a significant other, this will most assuredly limit the final product and desired reaction.
Toss in a pinch of surround sound. This allows all the embedded little odd film sounds to reverberate around the room, taking on a new meaning and usually forcing a quick, dart-like directional glance. Increase the volume as needed.
Pour a bowl of popcorn. But, be realistic and don’t expect to finish it. And, if held on a lap, there is a good possibility that it may end up cascading across the floor. Therefore, save yourself any potential cleaning and be sure to locate the bowl away from accidental bumping.
Press play and allow the ingredients and flavors to slowly simmer and congeal. Cooking times will vary. When you find that the edge of your seat seems to be your constant location, and just after turning toward the darkness to face that faint little noise that you thought you heard, it is done.

Eat hearty…

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