Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Daily Death - How I Killed My Co-Workers In 30 Days

Happy New Year Folks and I hope your holidays were nothing short of great.
For me, 2012 is starting out rather gruesomely and it's the reason I've been away for a bit.
Remember that little series I wrote last April? The one where I fictionally killed off all my co-workers? Well, for the past couple of months, besides working long hours, I concentrated efforts, edited and rewrote all those little tales. Now, all 24 tales are included in my latest e-release at Amazon. Coincidently, there is also an exclusive tale (my own death) included that can't be read anywhere else.
And, in case you are unfamiliar with my Daily Death series, these are tales of demise, not for the weak hearted, that began as one simple exercise in creative writing. Well, it turned into a monster, but I explain all this in the book's introduction. So, if the demented side of you is curious and the macabre is your cup of tea, this may just be the book for you.

Death can come from anywhere, at anytime and in any form. It can creep up on you while you are at work. It can ambush you while you are out having fun. And, it can even strike as a side effect of a practical joke gone wrong.
Once known as The Daily Death series on his blog, Thomas Scopel, author of Twitch, has rewritten and compiled these 24 horrific and fictional tales of macabre demise into one book that will cause shivers and chills while it takes you on a demented tour of eventuality that may very well have you pondering your very own ending.

Have a great 2012 everyone.


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  1. Yay! My favorite clown is back! Long live the clown! Not so much the recipients of your current story!



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